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Pool Paint Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What surfaces will this work on?
A: Ultra Poly One Coat is engineered to bond to most clean, dry and intact surfaces commonly used to create pools. It can be used on previously coated surfaces that have been prepared according to instructions. It can be used on plaster, gunite, marcite, bare concrete, fiberglass and metal.

Q: How much surface preparation is required?
A: The goal of surface preparation is to create a clean, intact and dry surface for coating application. Using a citric-based cleaner and cleaning any surface oils, dirt and debris is required. Pressure washing at a minimum of 3,000 psi to aggressively remove any loose or potentially loose substrate material is required. The surface should be dry.

It should have no visible moisture or damp areas. Sandblasting, hydroblasting or other media blasting are not required unless it is the only way to achieve an intact surface. Acid washing is not required and should not be used for surface preparation.

Surface Preparation

Q: How much do I need?
A: For most pools, ponds and fountains, Ultra Poly One Coat will cover about 100 square feet per gallon kit.

Very smooth surfaces such as fiberglass can extend coverage to 130 square feet per gallon kit. Coverage should be 8-12 mils average over the entire project area. If still unsure, use our pool calculator to determine how much you need

Pool Calculator

Q: What colors are available?
A: Ultra Poly One Coat is available in White, Blue, Black, Gray and Tan.

A limited range of custom colors is available.

Ultra Poly One Coat is not available in Red, Yellow or Royal Blue

Q: How fast can I get it?
A: Ultra Poly One Coat is generally shipped with 1-2 business days via ground transportation.

It can be sent overnight or via other expedited shipping upon request.

Large orders may take additional time to ship, but still ship quickly.

Q: Can Ultra Poly One Coat be used on decks?
A: Ultra Poly One Coat creates a naturally smooth surface that may be too slippery for decks. Another point to consider is that the construction materials used to create and seal decks may eliminate the possibility of adequate surface preparation and application.

Q: Can this be sprayed?
A: Ultra Poly One Coat is engineered for roller application. Spraying is possible with the right equipment (airless srayers) and the addition of thinners, though the process is more complicated than simple roller application.

Q: Do you have to use a thinner?
A: The addition of thinner is required to achieve optimum coverage. Ultra Poly One Coat may be applied without thinner, or with additional thinner if desired, but it will greatly affect the ease of application and coverage rates.

Q: Is it safe for fish and plants?
A: YES! Ultra Poly One Coat will not exude any harmful chemicals. There is no “waiting period” for putting fish or plants into a water feature / garden created with Ultra Poly One Coat.

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