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Pool Repair

Refurbish your pool!

Ultra Poly One Coat makes it easier and faster to make your pool look like new.

  • Saves Time
    The surface preparation takes less time, the coating is applied in a single roller coat, and Ultra Poly One Coat generally cures within 24 hours. Pools are back in use in a short time, freeing time for more projects and meeting demanding deadlines.
  • Reduces Prep
    No moisture testing, sandblasting, acid etching, re-plastering, or primer coats are required. Ultra Poly One Coat even fills hairline cracks and voids, with no thickness restrictions. It is compatible with most existing pool coatings, and is meant to be applied to any clean, dry and intact surface.
  • Long Lasting
    Originally engineered to withstand chemicals in storage tanks, and for applications to challenging surfaces, Ultra Poly One Coat provides long lasting durability. It withstands UV exposure and freeze/thaw cycles. It features greater adhesion and wear resistance than standard paints and epoxies.
  • Versatile
    Ultra Poly One Coat is suitable for application to concrete, plaster, gunite, previously coated surfaces, rigid repair materials, fiberglass, and metal. It is suitable for constant immersion, splash areas, and dry areas. It is safe for fish and plants, making it an ideal choice for water landscaping, zoos, and aquariums.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Ultra Poly One Coat is VOC-free and odor free. It is not subject to hazardous shipping, storing and disposal regulations.

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We welcome questions from contractors, specifiers, distributors and facility managers. We can answer specific questions about your project and provide the practical and technical information you may need.

Are you an interested homeowner? Be sure to ask your contractor or refinisher to specify Ultra Poly One Coat for the completion of your pool repair project. We can connect with your contractor to provide instructions and answer any questions.

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