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The history of Ultra Polymers, Inc.

Since 1986, Ultra Polymers, Inc. has manufactured successful specialized hybrid epoxy coating solutions for industrial and commercial use. These included coatings for harsh environments such as chemical holding tanks, industrial flooring, concrete containment areas, and all types of concrete, metal and fiberglass structures and equipment.

The durable, chemical-resistant and high adhesion coatings developed for the demands of heavy industry are also ideal for the swimming pool industry. Keeping the business in the family, Poly Solutions, Inc. was created in 2001 specifically to bring long-established high-performance coatings to the swimming pool industry as Ultra Poly One Coat.

But times have changed. Our customers in the swimming pool industry work on a wider range of projects. The narrow focus of “swimming pool only” sales has gone. Beginning in 2017, Poly Solutions, Inc. ceased as the sole source of Ultra Poly One Coat. Now sales of all Ultra Poly One Coat are direct from the original manufacturer, Ultra Polymers, Inc.

Today, Ultra Polymers, Inc. continues its long history of meeting the challenges of a range of industries.