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Pool Calculator

Ultra Poly One Coat covers approximately 100 square feet per 1-gallon kit on standard pool surfaces.

Coverage should be 8-12 mils on all project areas. Applying heavier mil coverage on horizontal surfaces and using the coating to fill in cracks and voids is common and acceptable. Single coat coverage on vertical surfaces should not exceed 12 mils to avoid sagging.

Coverage on smooth surfaces such as fiberglass and metal is approximately 130 square feet per 1-gallon kit.

Second coats can be applied to build mil thickness where appropriate. Second coats can be applied with no additional surface preparation once the surface is cured. For example, applying a second coat of another color to create lane striping or targets will increase the total thickness of the coating application in some areas.

Calculating coverage
Determining the total surface area of your pool or project area.
In general, follow these guidelines.

  • Length x width = area of pool floor
  • Width x depth of the shallow end = area of shallow end wall
  • Width x depth of the deep end = area of deep end wall
  • Length x average depth of wall x 2 = area of side walls(add the depth of the shallow end and the depth of the deep end and divide by 2 to get average depth)

Add these amounts together to get your total square footage. Order a 1-gallon kit for each 100 square feet of coverage. In most cases, round up your total to ensure that you have the amount of coating that you need for your project.

What about irregular shapes?
If you are unsure of the amount of coating that you require, we are happy to help! Contact us at 724-449-2122 for assistance.

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