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Ultra Poly One Coat Surface Preparation

Please read ALL surface preparation instructions before proceeding.
Good surface preparation is the key to a long lasting” attractive finish.

The goal of surface preparation is to ensure that all dirt, oils, debris and loose (or potentially loose) materials are removed completely.

The pool MUST be thoroughly cleaned and all oils and debris should be removed completely. (A citric-based cleaner works well)

Standard surface preparation can be achieved by a thorough high-pressure (3,000 psi or higher) water blast. Sand blasting yields the ideal surface preparation, and some pools may benefit from this more aggressive approach. That decision is left to the discretion of the pool professional.

A muriatic acid wash and TSP rinse is not required or recommended.

When coating a previously coated pool, it is important to remove any coating that is not completely intact. Generally, any previous coating that can withstand a thorough high-pressure wash is considered intact enough to be coated with Ultra Poly One Coat.

The surface to be coated should be dry – free of any puddles or visually obvious moisture. An overnight moisture test is not required.

Any leaks must be fixed before the coating process may proceed. All water management and structural problems must be solved before coating can be applied. Concrete or fiberglass or other structural components must be sound.

Small gouges, chips, cracks or other voids can be filled with Ultra Poly One Coat. Ultra Poly One Coat is self-leveling, and will thoroughly cure even at thicknesses greater than one inch. Repairs on vertical surfaces or larger repairs can be coated with Ultra Poly One Coat as soon as they are dry.

Ultra Poly One Coat is not recommended for coating over silicone or silicone- based materials. It is not recommended for concrete with silicone fillers or fiber-filled concrete.

Fiberglass may be coated with Ultra Poly One Coat after the following surface preparation: Thorough cleaning and rinsing to remove oils and other residue. We recommend a citric based
cleaner. A light sanding to create a profile for optimum adhesion is required.

Metal surfaces may be coated with Ultra Poly One Coat. All rust must be removed, and the surface must be sanded, wire-brushed or sand-blasted to achieve optimum adhesion. It is best to completely remove failing chlorinated rubber coatings.