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Ultra Poly One Coat Mixing Instructions

  • Open Part A and Part B
    (The Contents will look similar)
  • Pour entire contents of Part B (Scrape inside of can) into the container with Part A.
    Note: Contents are pre-measured in exact mixing ratios.
    Do Not Attempt to mix partial batches
  • Mix thoroughly (about 1 minute) using a drill and heavy mixing blade (paint mixing blades are not sufficient). Do not attempt to mix by hand. Unmixed material will not cure properly. Pot life begins from the moment the materials are mixed.
  • Pour entire contents of Part A and Part B into a large mixing container. Mix again for about 1 minute. Transferring to a mixing container ensures thorough mixing.
  • Add solvent (such as acetone) to mixed material. Standard amount is 10-12oz. per gallon. Mix Thoroughly. Solvent will extend pot life and allow easier application. Smaller and larger amounts of solvent may be added as desired.

DO NOT add solvent to thin material that has approached the end of pot life. This will result in an application that bubbles.