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Non-Hazardous Coating Material / NO VOC’s

Ultra Poly One Coat is 100% solids containing no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is not regulated as a hazardous material. The product (both Part A and Part B) is odorless and can be thinned with acetone to adjust viscosity. This characteristic benefits both contractor and pool owner/user by reducing odors and being safe to both people, plants, and fish.

To View The SDS Information in PDF Format : Click Here


  • Safer to use, less hazardous to employees and home owners.
  • Can be used for water gardens without harming fish or plants
  • Not being regulated as hazardous waste means easier disposal of unused product and no additional expenses for hazardous disposal.
  • Can be shipped easier and less expensive than traditional coatings.
  • Reduces unpleasant odors around customers and employees.
  • Eases customer concerns about materials used on their property and is a great sales tool for your business.
  • Reduces and or eliminates the need for special breathing apparatus associated with some coatings, which is less money for safety equipment on site.