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Easy Application

Ultra Poly One Coat is easy to mix and easy to apply to a variety of swimming pool types.

Mixing Tools Required:

  • Construction Grade Drill
  • Mixing Blade (Do Not Use A Paint Mixing Tool)
  • Extra Mixing Bucket (Required for proper mixing)
  • Thinner Such As Acetone (Acetone, MEK and others are suitable. Use according to regulations).
  • Spatula or Scraper ( For transferring contents into mixing container).
  • Measuring Container (For measuring 10-12 ounces of thinner).

Application Tools:

  • Rollers & Roller Covers (Nap is a matter of preference, 3/8″ is generally suficient, We recommend “lock-on” roller covers).
  • Brushes or Small Rollers (For “Cutting In” around edges and corners).
  • Clean Up Rags etc.
  • Gloves (If desired).