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Home Owners

Ultra Poly One Coat does not sell directly to home or business owners. Because of the nature of pool resurfacing—and to protect your investment—professional application by a licensed contractor or pool refinisher is strongly recommended.

Can my pool refinisher or contractor obtain Ultra Poly One Coat for my project?
Absolutely. Ultra Poly One Coat is happy to do business with licensed contractors and wholesalers. Share the advantages of using our pool paint for your upcoming pool or spa resurfacing project with your contractor or refinisher, and they’ll be sure to share your excitement. Why? With Ultra Poly One Coat…

  • Application is simpler and faster.
    No prep work required. Simple pressure washing is typically all you need. Then let dry, coat, and allow one day for curing. That’s it. Then your contractor can move on to the next project—and you can enjoy your spa or pool!
  • There’s no need for repeat performances.
    Ultra Poly One Coat comes backed by a 15-year warranty, providing smooth, professional results on nearly any surface that last, without fading, chalking, blistering, or breaking down due to freeze/thaw cycles, thus protecting your investment—and your contractor’s time and reputation.
  • Everyone stays safe.
    This green pool paint requires no expensive respirators for its application. Even when used indoors, air is safe to breathe and no ventilation is necessary. Ultra Poly One Coat is VOC and odor-free, and completely non-hazardous. When the job is done, simply air dry containers and dispose of with recyclable metals.
  • We’re happy to help.
    If your contractor or refinisher is new to using our product, our friendly customer service professionals are happy to provide them with any information they may need, from practical and technical information to safety data sheets (SDS).

Contact your contractor or pool resurfacing professional and tell them about the benefits of using Ultra Poly One Coat today.