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Aquatic Facility Managers

At Ultra Poly One Coat, we know the pressures on aquatic facility managers surrounding a renovation can be multi-faceted. That’s why our pool paint and polymer coating is designed specifically to alleviate all your most pressing project concerns…

Disturbed by downtime and loss of business?
Many aquatic facility managers list downtime and loss of business as a prime reason for procrastinating on necessary pool resurfacing and renovations needs. Fortunately, with Ultra Poly One Coat you won’t have to put that project off any longer. Just ask your contractor about our minimal, 3 day application time. Just pressure wash, dry, apply a single coat of our pool paint, and allow 1 day for curing. Done. No sand blasting, re-plastering, acid etching, or primer required.

Troubled by safety issues?
Worry not. Ultra Poly One Coat is VOC-free, without any of the odors commonly associated with freshly painted indoor pools. It is so safe, it requires no venting—even in indoor applications guest and employee safety is not effected in any way. Disposal is also a snap. Simply air dry and add to your recyclable metals. No hazardous waste handling required.

Dubious about durability?
Ultra Poly One Coat provides a long lasting, easy to maintain finish in just one coat, and is backed by a 15 year warranty. Originally created as a protective coating for the harsh environments of chemical holding tanks, it easily withstands freeze/thaw cycles, fading, chalking, and blistering to form a perfectly smooth surface on a variety of indoor and outdoor pool surfaces including gunite, plaster, marcite, fiberglass, green concrete, quartz aggregate, and previously painted pools.

Is it right for my facility’s project?
Ultra Poly One Coat is well-suited for endless applications. Its speedy, safe application, easy maintenance, and durability make it an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor:

  • Community and apartment pools and spas
  • Hotel pools and spas
  • Health club, gym, athletic, and rehabilitation center pools
  • Amusement and theme park facilities
  • Water parks
  • Water gardens and ponds
  • Zoos, aviaries, and aquariums
  • Fish and shellfish farms
  • The possibilities are endless…

Aquatic facility managers, ask your construction or maintenance professional to call Ultra Poly One to learn more about how the latest in pool paint and polymer coating technology can benefit your business. Contact us today.